Turning the (Web)Page: An Annotated Bibliography of Digital Storytelling

The expansiveness of the internet has changed the way we do, well, everything. One interesting field that has taken a turn for the better is storytelling. Known as “digital storytelling” to professionals, this describes the application of technology by teachers or other instructors who want to harness the tools that the internet provides. Here I take a look at where to find out more.

Digital Storytelling and the Common Core State Standards – Discovery Education

This article was written by Kathy Schrock, who works with Discovery Education (yes, THAT Discovery Education). It outlines a basic explanation of what digital storytelling is, and how effective it can be.

The source is Discovery Education, who are one portion of the acclaimed “Discovery Channel” family. This is a network that has been known for it’s educational prowess for years.

What is Digital Storytelling? – University of Houston

This article is a very succinct write-up about what digital storytelling is, in very simple terms. It doesn’t use much technical jargon, so it’s very helpful if you want to figure out exactly what it is.

The University of Houston is a renowned school for educators, and provides an excellent explanation of digital storytelling, as well as some tools to get started.

Digital Storytelling: Promoting Literacy Through Technology – Kentucky Council of Teachers of English

This article is a write-up by the Kentucky Council of Teachers of English explaining how the phenomenon of digital storytelling is effective in addressing all of the “Core Standards”. These are the tenets of education that have been determined as most important, and this article shows the full faith and confidence the organization has in the concept.

The Kentucky Council of Teachers of English is a non-profit organization that encompasses English teachers in all levels of education. They actively support causes that further the progress of English education.

Digital Storytelling – Alec Couros’ Open Thinking Wiki

This article is painfully simple: This is a wiki compiled by Dr. Alec Couros about everything you could want to know about digital storytelling. Resources, definitions, examples, etc.

Dr. Alec Couros is an instructor at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. He has a Ph.D. in education.

Learning Through Stories – University of Madison-Wisconsin

This article is another simple explanation of digital storytelling that includes resources for teachers and students alike, as well as examples.

The University of Wisconsin in Madison is one of the few universities that I’ve found that has a pretty expansive section dedicated to digital storytelling. They seem to be a pretty notable source.



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